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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Slovakia.  Photo by by best friend, Dana Soady.

Thanksgiving is upon us! It just so happens to be my favorite holiday of all time (check out Matador Network Thanksgiving Day for an article about how I celebrated this unique holiday in Slovakia). But even if you don’t celebrate it in your country, I’m sure there is some kind of large, food-based celebration that is worthy of discussion.

So this week, let’s talk about feasts. Thanksgiving is a day where Americans gorge themselves on various seasonal dishes before falling asleep in front of the football game. Russians celebrate Easter with elaborately decorated cakes that match the beautiful onion domes of the Kremlin. And in Chile, empanadas are made in abundance to celebrate Fiestas Patrias(Chilean Independence day). At some point in your travels, hopefully you’ve had the good fortune of experiencing a celebratory feast (and sampled heartily).

Write about a feast or food festival you’ve experienced during your travels.

If you do celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy one. If you don’t live in the USA, find some American friends and mooch off of their makeshift party. It’s totally worth it!  I’d love to learn about some new food fests so drop a line in the comments or email me with your writing sample.

Happy holidays,