This is me when I had pink hair. I’m scared you are going to visit my new website, and hate it. HATERS GONNA HATE but I hope you like my pink hair at least.

Sorry folks, this week’s Travel Writing Exercise is canceled on account of the not-so-official launch of my new website!  You can check it out, or don’t, I’m cool with whatever.  But I will *probably* be updating from that site from now on, so without further adieu, please bookmark:

The site still has some kinks to work out, but it was linked to an article that got published on a separate site earlier than I thought and people have started visiting the site so I figured “Screw it, LET’S LAUNCH!”  That being said, PLEASE inform me of any issues you have, like links not working, content not showing, search engine producing NOTHING, etc.  My web designer and I don’t have internet until February 10th at our new place but I can work remotely if need be.

So there, I have a new website, it’s awesome, I’m awesome, but don’t hate on me if it’s all kooky and stuff.