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Photo by TheJosephBoys

While everyone else is Skyping or calling home, I go back to my hotel room.

I was immersed in the culture of Eastern Europe from the start. The boxy furniture and plastic lampshades, hidden by Belle Époque architecture, the cobblestone streets leading up to flouncy staircases, enchanted me. Instantly in love with Prague, I looked at the present instead of predicting my future.

The room is quiet and smelled slightly of damp carpet and cedar. A bedside light is on in the corner, but the sun is slowly setting outside. I open the six-foot window – it is the kind of window that is hinged on one side and held closed with a clasp on the other. Sort of an old-fashioned window, really.

It opens outward into the city, and I feel the warm, clean air rush in.

At first, I merely stand leaning on the edge, studying my surroundings. A lavender sky backdrops the cream-colored Czech buildings, bright green trees and muted gray of the streets. It is perfect. They say that Prague is the fairy tale city, and I will never argue with that. Because at that moment, I truly feel like a Bohemian princess.

Eventually, I sit on the edge, my knees drawn up to my chest. I can’t stop smiling and feeling incredibly at ease. Fear of falling does not cross my mind as the scene serenely shows me that peace and quiet truly can exist in this world. What more can a person possibly want other than this? When else will I ever get to indulge in such a moment?

I looked at the present, instead of predicting my future.