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You never know who you might end up sleeping with while traveling!

Today I’m super tired – not even my coffee can keep me awake! And then it got me thinking, what about those times when you’ve been sleepy during a trip of yours? I generally have a lot of energy while traveling, but even I am vulnerable to bouts of drowsiness. Have you ever been mugged while sleeping on a bus? Have you ever slept through an important event? Tell me about it!

Write about something that happened when you were sleepy during travel.

Here’s a little vignette of mine to get you going:

I used to think I was the jet-lag master. Time changes my ass! I can beat this thing. I should want to stay up until 10pm anyway, there’s more to see, maximize my time abroad! Yahoo!

Except that jet-lag is probably the worst thing in the world, ever.

We touch down in Iceland at around 6:00am. Although I slept like a hibernating bear during the flight, it was only a mere 4 and a half hours between New York City and Keflavik. That’s about how much sleep I get after a night of raucous drinking, which usually results in a painful afternoon. The hour-long drive via rental car from the airport to the hostel is treacherous as I dip in and out of drowsiness, and once we finally arrive at our destination, we are met with distressful disappointment.

“Check in is at 3:00pm,” the desk worker replies. “You will have to come back at that time.”

It was 8:00am, and all I want is a nice, warm bed. Fuck. Me.

Lindsey and I decide to grab some breakfast and explore the area a bit. I can barely stand, I’m so exhausted. I’m irritable and cranky. We get coffee at two different cafes, but nothing seems to help. Suddenly, I feel like I need to vomit.

“I need to sleep,” I tell her. “Now. I don’t care if it’s in the back of our rental car. I’m going to die if I don’t take a nap.” Who are these experts kidding, telling me to stay awake and not give into the lag of jet-lag? Are they nuts?

“I think a cat-nap would do us some good,” she replies.

When we arrived at the hostel earlier, some weary travellers had staked out comfy couches intent on sleeping through their jet-lag. At first I was put-off by this, but eventually Lindsey and I follow suit. I put on my sunglasses so I don’t look crazy, put a pillow behind my head, and drift off to a much-needed sleep. Awaking on my own two hours later, I am refreshed and invigorated. And then, I remember – the only other time I’ve beaten jet-lag was when I took a three-hour nap after arriving in London one time. Moral of the story?

Sleep when your body friggin’ tells you to sleep.