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I did awesome things in 2012, don’t player hate! (also add to this list, drink more)

Develop website/branding. This is the easy part, really. I have the website, I just need to finish learning how to update content/fix things on my own. My host master (Tom) is a bit territorial and won’t let me have complete control over the site but once I sit down with him and talk about exactly what I need the site will be officially launched and I’ll REALLY be in business. Look out for that post, coming soon.

Network even more.  I’ve developed a wonderful rapport with Matador Network, and it’s been awesome to earn some pocket cash for my travel publications. I am interested in exploring other entities as well, given that in September I will be income-less and freelance writing will play a large role in supporting myself.  Need a copy writer/editor/contributor for your site?  I’ve got excellent turn-around service and I take direction well!

Work on e-book.  It’s stupid easy to self-publish these days and I just have to do it. Albeit, it will be easier once I have an office in my new home to sit down and finish editing my first book about my experience with Hurricane Sandy.

Don’t let others get me down. This is more of a personal goal than a writing-related one, but I think it is still important to note. Actually, writing has gotten me through some very tough times when people try and criticize my life.  It’s not only an outlet emotionally, but it is something I am proud of and a great motivator.  It’s like “Oh, you think the choices I’ve made for my life are not as cool as yours? That’s too bad, I’m get royalties from a book containing some ridiculous content I wrote.” Then I just write some more awesome stuff. Really actually, keep putting me down – it spurs my creativity like no other.

Write every day. I mostly do this, but there are times when I forget, or write stupid things. I want to write something meaningful every day. NaNoWriMo was such an inspiration for me and I want to follow through with that philosophy on the daily.

Do you have any creative/literary goals for 2013? Let’s work together to achieve them!