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Last year I hiked on a glacier in Iceland…this year, who knows?!

Become a Townie. Tom and I are moving to a new town in a few days. I am familiar with the area mostly, but just because it is a place I’ve been a million times before doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to discover. It will be fun getting to know my new neighborhood and find its hidden gems, much like I do for any new city I encounter.

Indulge in Staycations. One of the things I look forward to the most is beach camping out at Montauk’s Hither Hills Park in May. Montauk is about a three-hour drive but it’s a totally different world out east.  I’m hoping that since Tom and I live a little closer to Suffolk County that we can enjoy some untapped areas of Long Island, including beachside hotels with awesome rates during the off-season.

Get to know the Weekend Getaway. My measly 11 days paid vacation will be spent inside an ESL classroom as I observe 60 hours in preparation to receive my teaching certification. While that is rewarding in and of itself, it still means I have to be cautious about the time I take off.  But there are plenty of places in the US where I can spend the weekend and feel relaxed, entertained and rejuvenated. We have friends in Wisconsin who are having a baby soon and the two-hour flight to Milwaukee offers a great chance for me to explore a state I’ve never been to in the company of good friends.

TBEX ’13. It will be my first time attending this conference, and I am very excited. I’ve been working on my website and networking my butt off, it’s going to be so much fun to meet my favorite Travel Bloggers in person and attend some great seminars. Plus I’ve never been to Toronto before, I am super excited about this trip!

Last-minute “field” trip. I start student teaching in September, so I am hoping to squeeze in one last “hurrah!” trip before the year is over. Maybe it’s not a very fiscally responsible decision, but I am hoping to score a last minute deal – that way I can see where my finances stand, as well as what’s available and how much time I really can afford to use (cruise to Bermuda? All-inclusive Jamaican resort?  Iceland paid for through sponsors?  We will see…).

What are your travel goals/resolutions?  What’s your master plan for achieving them?