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Where Dana and I met for Christmas, 2008

Happy Christmas, everyone.  Even if you don’t celebrate this typically Christian holiday, take some time to reflect on your life and the past year.  Where have you traveled?  What was something new you did that you never thought possible otherwise?  Did you survive the end of the world? What was the best thing you did all year?  The worst?

I’ll be spending Christmas with some relatives in New Jersey, but here’s a little story about the best Christmas I ever had:

Christmas that year, was spent in Paris, France.  We arrived in our coach just before dinnertime, with a stop at the Eiffel Tower for those who wanted to travel to Paris’ highest peak.  Not for me – been there, done that.  I had different plans that evening.

We had no cell phone communication, but somehow, it worked – Dana, my best friend from college, studying abroad in England and on holiday before finals, meets me at exactly 7:00pm underneath the Eiffel Tower.  We exchange hugs, and gifts.  We tour the rest of the city in the company of two New Zealand friends.  We are away from our families, but for us, that doesn’t make much difference.  Holidays are always stressful for me and to be away from the consumerism, the drama, the boozy aunts and the screaming children, is the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.

Paris at Christmastime is beautiful.  I should do it again some day.