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czech christmas

One of my favorite travel memories is celebrating the Christmas holidays while in Europe.  Czech Christmas is especially unique for a couple of reasons.  Every culture has their own holiday traditions, but the Czechs are especially a bit…whacky.

Follow your host mother to the local market a week before Christmas. Watch her bargain with a fishmonger in Czech as she points to a large bucket of fish. So mom wants carp tonight…maybe this is like going to a fancy restaurant where you get to choose your favorite lobster to later be boiled alive. Be surprised the next time you attempt to take a shower, discovering the fish your host mother haggled for is now swimming in your bathtub.

Quietly decline when your host father offers you the chance to bash the carp’s brains in with a wooden mallet three days later.

Every year I think about how much I miss living in Prague, where the Christmastime spirit is totally different.  It’s humbling.  It’s traditional.  I feel like Christmas fits in Prague.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone, and a very merry holiday no matter how you celebrate

How to celebrate Christmas in the Czech Republic