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Most of the following photos involve Joe, being Joe

Every year my friends and I participate in something called the “Santa Sushi Sake Spectacular” (SSSS).  For the past five years, about 20-30 people show up at this one, lonely sushi restaurant in Rockville Centre, NY with one goal in mind – to get waaaaaasssssttteeeeddd.

The first year of this tradition happened innocently enough.  A group of our friends decided to celebrate the holidays with some sushi, sake, gift exchanging and laughs.  It turned out to be a four hour shit-show where everyone blacked out and forgot the entire night.  Somehow however, they knew they had a good time.  I’m guessing this is because someone wasn’t as blacked out as the rest and lived to tell the tale.

So now we go back with the same goal in mind.  Eat sushi, drink sake, rehash old times and get all warm and fuzzy inside before Christmas day.  We invite like, a million people but you never really know who’s going to show up – and that’s half of the fun.  Kids I haven’t seen since middle school, guys I’ve had one-night stands with who are now corporate bankers (damn, missed the boat on that one), drunken douchebags and girls who think they are better than everyone else, but fuck that shit we’re all lushes at the SSSS.

My brother, sister and I acting “civilly” during this tumultuous experience

The shenanigans occur at Harusaki, a sleepy sushi joint 364 days out of the year but when we show up for the SSSS, the place gets ROCKIN.  They usually can’t accommodate everyone at the same time but most people stop by in waves, to say “What’s up, I haven’t called you in seven years but hey, Merry Christmas” take a shot and leave.  The sushi is damn good and they have a great sake variety but mostly we go there for sentimental reasons.  Like that one time Joe puked for an hour in the bathroom and came right back to drink some more.

  • Trash-Meter:  5 out of 10 normally, but on SSSS it’s a full blown 10 (10 being pretty fucking trashy).
  • Alcohol Intake:  Overly excessive.  The sake keeps coming even if you don’t ask for it.  Hot sake is the best.
  • Chance of getting laid: If you’re not spewing vomit by the time you’re done, SSSS is known for post-sushi hook-ups in the parking lot.
  • Final verdict: What’s more Christmas-like than gorging yourself on Japanese cuisine?  Join us on December 22 if you dare (and especially if the world doesn’t end because this night will most likely be the end of the world as we know it).
282 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570
Neighborhoods: Suburban Long Island. Short walk from the Rockville Centre train station.