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Gifts for the trashy traveler

Happy holidays everyone! If you’re like me, you’ve left your holiday shopping until the last minute. For the rest of this week, I’ll showcase my top gift picks for travelers of all types. Happy shopping!

  • Moleskine Passions Travel Journal: Make sure you record all of your precious shenanigans in this nifty travel journal, customized for your own trip.  There’s even fun stickers so you can categorize your trashy travels!  Write down the best places to get drunk, your favorite drug den, the best Frenchman you ever slept with…the possibilities are endless.
  • Rum Runners: Cruise-goers swear by these compact flasks to sneak on alcohol to ships with outrageous bar prices.  Apparently, they are undetectable by the X-ray scanners but they can even be used to sneak in alcohol to concerts, clubs…basically anywhere you don’t want to pay for alcohol but still want to get smashed.  They roll up small when you’ve finished your drink and can be stuffed into a pocket, or refilled so the fun can continue.
  • F1 Flyin’ Drunk Tag:  This is self-explanatory.  If you aren’t flying drunk, you’re not REALLY flying at all.
  • TWELVEWAYS Multifunctional Dress:  I love this product even when I’m sober, but let’s face it ladies – wearing the same outfit on your walk of shame home from that crazy one-night-stand is uncomfortable and seedy.  With a Twelveways dress however, you can make the same material look and feel totally different.  You’ve transformed from a Euro-slut to a stylish and travel-savvy gal who’s impressive wardrobe warrants another romp in the hay, complete with a new outfit the next time.
  • Tieks foldable ballet flats:  A night of disco dancing and bar hopping in stiletto heels takes a toll on the trashy traveler’s tootsies.  Behold, the stylish and compact Tieks ballet flat system, which are super comfortable and come in a plethora of colors and styles to make any inebriated adventure a customizable one.
  • Condoms:  Duh!  Play it safe, especially while abroad, and always stash a couple of rubbers in your bag or pocket, “just in case.”  New York City has an awesome campaign where at select venues you can get condoms for free, advocating for safe sex in the city.
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