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Happy holidays everyone! If you’re like me, you’ve left your holiday shopping until the last minute. For the rest of this week, I’ll showcase my top gift picks for travelers of all types. Happy shopping!

  1. Collapsible Lunch Box:  I love re-usable containers but I hate the bulkiness of Gladware and Tupperware.  This soft, easy-to-wash container folds up nice and compactly for when you are done, plus it comes with a spork-knife and a little top container for dips, dressings, etc.  I used it while road-tripping through Iceland, where food is sometimes hard to find for miles…
  2. Redfoot Foldable rain boots:  Let’s face it – no matter how much we want to think it, wellies are NOT fashionable.  Not only that but who wants bulky-ass rubber rain boots sitting in the corner of your cubicle after you’ve changed into your work shoes?  Presenting the foldable rain boot: wear them out in the rain, then roll them up and store them in your purse.  LOVE THESE THINGS!
  3. Grid-It: If you’re anything like me, your bag is a mess of unorganized junk.  If you’re anything like me also, you’ll buy a Grid-It.  Now when I need something, I pull out this thin, light organizer whose elastic grid keeps everything in place and easily accessible.  Great gift for the gadgeteer too.
  4. North Face Venture Rain Jacket:  You know how I feel about North Face products.  Well, here’s another one!  This rain jacket is powerful enough to keep you dry, and also using special textile technology that allows your skin to breathe (aka no sweaty, stinky heat-retaining interior).  Plus it flattens up superbly, meaning you can keep it at the bottom of your bag for emergencies and it will take up next to no space.
  5. REI Flip-Top Vacuum Bottle:  Coffee for the Go-Go?  It’s an essential.  This thermos is awesome because you can put scalding hot coffee inside and the outside will not burn your fingers off.  The vacuum top also helps seal the liquid in, so spills are a non-issue.  Keeps liquids warm or cold for hours.
  6. REI Quantum Shoulder Bag: When you’re as busy as I am, you need a versatile bag.  Pick it up from the top handle, throw it over your shoulder like a shoulder bag, make it into a messenger bag…however you need to get away, this bag can do it for you.  Plus this inside hosts a fantastic amount of organizational pockets, including room for your precious laptop.