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Isn’t he such a stud? Hanging out in our private penthouse plunge pool at the Marival Residences in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I am grateful for Thom.

I am grateful that I get to date my best friend.  I am grateful that he said he loved me first and that he meant it.  I am grateful to be in a relationship with a man who has a sense of adventure and will travel around the world with me, who wants to see the world through a camera lens and let go of his inhibitions by my side.  I am grateful that we went snorkeling in Grand Turk Island together, and I am grateful for our romantic getaway last year in Puerto Vallarta, swimming with sea lions, sunset sailing, and ziplining at 109 feet over at desert.  I am grateful that he loves me no matter how angry I get, no matter how many times I curse out loud, no matter how much I sob into his shoulder or fall asleep at family functions.  I am grateful that he and I can still be strong after everything that has happened to our home recently, and I am grateful that he makes me laugh so much.  I am grateful to have found someone I actually wouldn’t mind spend the rest of my life with (that’s a big deal for a vagabond like me).

It feels good, to be grateful.