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My latest article for Matador Network

People whose homes were not annihilated during Hurricane Sandy still freaked out a bit. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I’M LIVING WITHOUT ELECTRICITY/HEAT/WATER/GAS FOR TWO WEEKS? HOW AM I EVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING EVER AGAIN?!?!?!??!”  People lamented and “woo is me”d until the the magic lights came back on and suddenly, everything was fine.

What most people don’t realize however, is that there are people all around the world who live without basic amenities every day – sometimes, for their whole lives.  This is something you would only be able to know by traveling the world and exposing yourself to the way other people live.  It’s one thing to see it on the news, it’s another to actually live it.

No power?  No problem.  I wanted to write an article about how it’s alright to live without the things we take for granted, as long as we are resourceful in other ways.  I love learning how I an improve my life from watching another way of doing things.  For example, I never would have known what to do with myself in the dark if I hadn’t lived through continuous blackouts in Ghana.  And I never would have figured out what I could and could not eat if I hadn’t been without a fridge in Slovakia.  We learn as we travel, it changes us, and it helps us grow in other ways.

Before the next natural disaster hits, check out my survival lessons I applied to Hurricane Sandy.  You’d be surprised how easy it really is to live without technological innovations.

5 travel lessons that got me through Hurricane Sandy

What were some travel skills that you were able to use to get you through the storm?