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Learning to make Wheatamix in Ghana.

I’m back to school for the first time in two weeks. The mini-vacation was definitely a nice break, but I’ll be happy to be back in the classroom. I wish however, that I could be more of a “student of the world” – traveling my way through life and learning lessons directly through experience.

It’s impossible for anyone to travel somewhere and come back as the same exact person as when they left. People won’t admit it, but everyone learns something new about themselves when they travel. This is one of my favorite things about traveling – self-discovery. But you can even whittle it down to simple things, like how to cook Thai food, or how to haggle in a marketplace.

Write about something you learned while traveling.

Looking forward to reading your stories!

Happy writing,

PS for a little inspiration, check out this awesome interview with travel photographer Ken Kaminesky via The Culturist