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I wrote an essay on my recent experience with Hurricane Sandy, and it was published by Thought Catalog!  Thought Catalog is a series of articles, essays and funny quips largely relating to millennial 20something culture.  Writing this essay, for me, was very therapeutic and helped me put things into perspective.  I hope it will help others the way it helped me and inspire people to write their own versions.

Listen to your fellow LAWN GUYLANDERS talk about their harrowing experiences. A woman with big, blond, bushy hair nervously chatters about losing the first floor of her home in Bellmore, including her bedroom, after the tidal surges. She’s currently sleeping on the floor of her 3-year-old daughter’s room. Her laundry companion relents about taking the bus to the laundromat on account of her car getting flooded; she had just paid off the auto loan, and now it no longer works. A man from Lindenhurst is interviewed by the news on the laundromat’s television. He talks about how he left his laptop above his television cabinet “because I didn’t think the water would get that high.”  When he came back, his entire house had fallen into a canal adjacent to his property.

Realize that although your life sucks right now, there are people out there that have it way worse.

How To React When Your House Is Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy: My First Essay for Thought Catalog