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We’d gotten a late start to the day. Our goal was to visit Iceland’s Golden Circle but our hangovers told us otherwise (there really is nothing better than sleeping in until noon after ending your evening of drinking at 3:30am). Sluggish and dehydrated, and out of time, we stick to the streets of Reykjavik to better acquaint ourselves with the area before our departure in three days.

Walking through the residential district of this Nordic city is inspiring. The voyeur within me stares through the open doors of brightly painted cottages, analyses colourful gardens, wonders at the kooky nick-nacks sitting on Icelandic windowsills. I gather that, despite the harsh winters and economic downturn, the people of Iceland really do like living here.

We stumble upon a wall that is painted blue and scribbled with graffiti. The mural is striking but what is even more interesting are the two modernly-designed, clean, white chairs situated in front of it.

“Let’s have a talk show,” I say to Lindsey.

I like how the bright whiteness of the chairs contrasts with the deep, almost royal blue of the graffiti wall. The choice of colors reminds me of an abstract version of the Icelandic flag.  I get the feeling someone has placed these pieces of furniture here as some sort of artistic installation. Maybe there’s a camera nearby, recording people’s actions, and reactions.

How wonderful it must be, to be Icelandic.