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We don’t want to board the cruise ship too early, but we’re starving, sunburned, inebriated, and tired.  Still, we feel like we haven’t taken advantage of all Grand Turk has to offer.  I mean, look at that gorgeous turquoise-colored water, clear as crystal, with tropical fish darting in and out of man-made reefs.  It’s not time to get back on the 311 cruise, it just can’t be.  Tom takes out his camera, starts shooting photos.  Drunk off of one too-many beachside pina coladas/Landshark beers/shooters of rum tastings, I suggest we take some jump shots – purely staged, ridiculously cliche “jump shots.”  The four of us rotate between partners and cameras, redoing takes and fumbling with timing.  Perhaps I’m biased – Tom and I are a “power couple,” after all – but I believe this photo, of the two of us, is absolutely, the best.