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…the Czech Republic recently banned the sale and consumption of drinks with 20%+ ABV after a string of deaths associated with methanol-spiked “bootleg liquor.” This black market travesty has resulted in the deaths of at least 26 people and caused serious illness and injury, such as blindness, for many more. So far, two men linked to the poisoning have been arrested and face up to 20 years…The hard liquor ban went into effect September 14, and has temporarily been relieved for any bottles sealed before January 1, 2012. All newly manufactured alcohol, however, must be tested before distribution and export. The New York Times reports the country ‘is set to lose $40 million a month in liquor taxes, according to the Finance Ministry.’

Check out my latest article for Matador Network about the Czech Republic’s recent ban on hard alcohol.  It’s pretty crazy, considering that Prague is known for its wild nightlife centering around cheap alcohol.  It will be interesting to see how this effects both tourism and the local culture.

Methanol on the rocks: The Czech Republic’s booze ban

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